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Peacefully dedicated to serving our community and providing affordable health & wellness to every body in need.




Sasha and Chente have studied various eastern and western practices and are also certified yoga instructors. They use all of their education, training, and experience to create customized sessions for their clients, integrating a combination of various different therapeutic techniques, classes and events. As a team, they hold a strong belief in the connection of the body, mind and soul and it is their intention is to help balance, nurture and cultivate that connection with each one of their clients and students.


Chente has been practicing massage therapy for many years. Originally learnt from his family members who also practiced massage; It was that love and wisdom passed down by his loved ones that fueled his passion to further serve people. In 2017, Vicente decided to follow his calling to do body/energy work full time and enrolled at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health in Laguna Beach California.


Sasha was guided by spirit to enroll and complete her reiki masters training and massage therapy education in 2015. Her own personal life's traumas, experiences, loss and pain have given her a deep empathy and understanding for all individuals of all backgrounds and experiences.


Together, Sasha and Chente are honored to share their love with their community.

Sasha Barrientos

CMT, CYI, CRM       

Vicente Ruiz






Our goal when creating our space was to bring to life an environment where you instantly feel at peace when you walk in. We are a small family run business and we often have our sacred children present. We wanted this space to be a safe space for families, a place where we can gather together as a community. We also wanted to honor our ancestors and our culture who we know and believe to guide us throughout our practice. We built this space up with our own hands, and blessed it and prayed for it thoroughly. There are two therapeutic rooms, the Luna Llena room and the Rayos Del Sol room, honoring both the feminine and masculine energies. We also have the large yoga studio room with a running fountain and aromatherapy to bring you to a state of peace when you walk in. Our windows offer full privacy screening so that once you enter our space, you do not have to worry about the outside world. We are honored to share our sacred space with you.



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